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Posted on 08-04-2023 09:26 PM

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Have you ever found yourself asking the question, "What is bail bonding?" Instead of searching for answers on Google, let David Gallagher Bail Bonds provide you with the information you need. If you ever find yourself in need of Arlington bail bonds, our licensed agents are here to help. Arlington is a crucial area for us, and we have the most dependable bail bond services in the state of Texas.


Our services are available 24/7 because we know that the moment a person is arrested, their life can take an unexpected turn. Whether you've made a mistake or have been falsely accused, bail bonds can help you avoid spending time in jail while awaiting trial. So if you need reliable and professional bail bond services in Arlington, turn to David Gallagher Bail Bonds.

Discovering Arlington, Texas 


Arlington, Texas, was once renowned for its production of cotton and other agricultural goods. Nowadays, it is a thriving community of 380,000 people, established in the late 1800s by Texas and Pacific Railway railroad workers as a commercial hub for the neighboring farms. Today, Arlington is home to the renowned Dallas Cowboys, as well as two world-class sports arenas, numerous top-tier sports clubs, a lively arts district, a bustling downtown area, and the world-famous Six Flags Over Texas amusement park. These attractions make Arlington a top tourist destination in Texas, especially for sports enthusiasts, theme park fans, and bowlers.


Nestled at the crossroads of Dallas and Fort Worth in eastern Tarrant County, Arlington is the third-largest city in the Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan region. It has had a profound impact on the local community, from its vibrant arts scene, music culture, and diverse history. However, the city's growing popularity has also brought about a surge in crime due to the rise in population.

Arlington Bail Bond

Crime in Arlington, TX


Despite being known for its amiable and entertaining environment, Arlington, TX has a crime rate that surpasses the national average by more than 80%. While it may not always be the most idyllic city, the recent trend shows a rise in violent crimes and a decline in property crimes over the last five years. On average, Arlington sees around 1500 crimes committed per year, with a 1 in 33 chance of becoming a victim of theft and 1 in 192 chance of being a victim of a violent crime. Nonetheless, the Arlington Police Department works diligently to maintain a secure and tranquil community, so if you appear suspicious, you may end up in jail.


In the unfortunate event that you or your loved one ends up at Tarrant County Detention Center due to a crime committed, David Gallagher Bail Bond is here to provide bail bonds assistance in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We understand that you may need specific legal advice, and our bond dealers are ready to guide you through the bail process and fulfill the necessary requirements to secure your release.


Flexible Payment Options for Bail Bonds in Arlington


At times, the cost of bail can be steep, making it difficult for someone to obtain their freedom from jail. However, our experienced bail bond agents in Arlington understand this issue and can provide quick assistance for felony and misdemeanor cases. The typical fee charged by bail bond companies is as low as 10% of the total bail amount, but this can vary depending on the charge and the defendant's background.


We understand that some clients may not be able to afford the 10% fee upfront. Therefore, we offer various payment plans to accommodate different financial situations. Payment options include paying directly at the jail facility, using credit cards, personal checks, local checks, or credit checks. This way, you can quickly secure the release of your loved one.


If the 10% fee is still too high, our bail bond company can help by negotiating a payment plan that works for you. However, collateral on the bond financing may be required for such cases, unless the client has an exceptional credit score. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth payment process. Once the payment is complete and the necessary paperwork is filled out, your loved one can be released within 24 hours.

Arlington Bail Bond

David Gallagher Gets You the Freedom You Deserve


There are very few individuals who benefit from going to jail and having to sit in jail while awaiting trial. Unfortunately, many innocent citizens plead guilty to lesser charges simply for their job, family, or to go home sooner. Imagine getting arrested without knowing when you will be home, sitting for hours being questioned, or just forgotten waiting in a jail cell unsure of the next step. That would be unfair, but we have the knowledge to achieve jail release. 


To achieve jail release, we need you to fill out the initial documents, prepare the details about the defendant, their name, personal information, case number, and current location. Once you contact us and fill out the paperwork, we can start processing and proceeding while you relax. Our services are affordable and efficient, we guarantee a stress-free experience when working with our bail bondsman.


Some restrictions apply, such as if your case is so severe that the judge deems it unsafe for the accused to be released. We understand these times are difficult, that is why we can assure you that our bail bonds offer peace of mind. Let our professionals explain the criminal charges placed on the defendant by the court system and post county bail to get your loved one home.